Craig Hawker: Independent Developer

Interview with Craig Hawker, Independent Developer

What’s been your role in the Course Data Programme?

I’ve been involved in XCRI for a long time.  My role during the XCRI 1.2 project has been the development of the online validator.

And tell us a little more about what that does.

The online validator allows an institution to take a feed that they produce as part of this programme and obtain feedback from a web interface to say whether there are any structural issues or whether there are any issues with consistency of the information. And to help them produce a high quality feed.

How is that process working so far?

So far it’s working quite well.  The feeds we’ve been getting through the validator have been giving us some really good feedback.

What will the next steps be for you?

As the institutions start to get towards the end of the programme obviously the deliverables of the feeds both from a test and the final feed at the end of it, as those feeds go through the validator hopefully we’ll start to see more information coming out and more discussion points around the XCRI standard and maybe look into the future of how they can be fed into version next.

Can you share a little something about the role of the validator in the process?

Well, obviously when we looked at some of the historical feeds; the quality of the feeds either from a technical perspective or from the consistency perspective was not as high as it could have been.  So the role of the validator has been as part of this programme to ensure that there has been a process involved to ensure that the feeds that have been produced are technically valid, they can be read by the consuming entities and to also aim to provide a high quality feed at a level of consistency that means that if someone is going to aggregate a large number of feeds they have that consistent information across those feeds so that they can actually do something useful with it.