Full transcripts of the following radio show are available:

Episode 11: Course data: making the most out of your course information (April 2013)

Episode 10: Driving change in assessment and feedback (December 2012)

Episode 9: Delivering free online courses: how open can we be?  (September 2012) 

Episode 8: Curriculum change: designing for the future (July 2012)

Episode 7: Developing digital literacies for working in a digital world (Part 2)  (May 2012)

Episode 6: Digital literacy – delivering the agenda within colleges and universities (Part 1) (April 2012)

Episode 5: Learning in transition (November 2011)

Episode 4: Efficiencies, enhancements and transformation: how technology can deliver (June 2011)

Episode 3: Meeting student needs to improve retention (March 2011)

Episode 2: Online distance learning: whose future? (December 2010)

Episode 1: Successful student recruitment (October 2010)